Hard Reset Extended Edition Trainer +40 (STEAM) – PC Megatrainer/Cheat/Hack – GODMODE

Hard Reset Extended Edition Trainer




* =Newly Added Trainer/Cheat/Hack for Hard Reset Extended Edition

Trainer Options:

Insert – Enable Trainer

Numpad 1 – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE *HOT*

Numpad 2 – Unlimited/Infinite Armor *HOT*

Numpad 3 – Unlimited/Infinite NRG Power *HOT*

Numpad 4 – Unlimited/Infinite CLN Power *HOT*

Numpad 5- Unlimited/Infinite SkillPoints *HOT*

Numpad 6 – One Hit KO/Instant KILL  *HOT*

Numpad 7 – Unlimited/Infinite Ammo *HOT*

Numpad 8 – Super Jump

Numpad 9 – Unlimited/Infinite Shield *INSANE HOT*

Numpad 0 – Unlimited/Infinite Upgrade Point *INSANE HOT*

F1 – Enemies ignore you  *INSANE HOT*

F2 – Enemies cant attack  *INSANE HOT*

F3 – Invisible  *INSANE HOT*

F4 – Weak Enemies  *INSANE HOT*

Numpad < – Save Position

Numpad > – Teleport

Numpad / – Return to original position

Home – Disable ALL






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